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What is this Elysium you speak of….are you talking about the movie Elysium with Matt Damon in it..

Although it is a good movie…it is not the only meaning for Elysium.

For all of the Mythology buffs, you have Oxford Dictionaries defining Elysium here

Cambridge Dictionary defines Elysium as “a state of great happiness

For us, that’s the clearer picture of what Elysium really means to us.

We all have moments in our life that are #trueelysium. Doing some quick research you will find a list of some of the happiest moments of the average person’s life. Here is a top 10 list for most people.

Top 10 Elysium Moments in most lives.

  • Birth of a first child (12.3 percent of the vote)
  • Wedding day (11.5 percent)
  • Birth of grandchildren (10 percent)
  • Birth of another child (8.5 percent)
  • Day of retirement (7.4 percent)
  • Moving into a new home (6.7 percent)
  • Seeing your child’s first steps (5.5 percent)
  • Hearing your child’s first words (5.4 percent)
  • Meeting the man or woman of your dreams (4.5 percent)
  • First kiss with the man or woman of your dreams (4.4 percent)
You can see the full article here.
Elvis seems to have found his Elysium

Elvis doing his Elysium Dance!

That’s a list of some pretty big events that we all experience at some point in our life. Each of those events leaves a lasting mark on our life that we can almost recall it with a vivid memory. With today’s super tech lifestyle each one of these moments is recorded without thought. We whip out our cell phones, and/or our cameras and we document this event. Usually, within the hour we have it posted to our favorite social media for all of the world to know that we have just enjoyed a #trueelysium moment in our life.

Elysium (#trueelysium) comes in many other shapes and sizes as well.

Winning an event, getting a raise, meeting a lifelong hero, GRADUATION. I could go on for days with a list of things or times in our life that we reach a #trueelysium moment. Those moments where we get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The moments where we jump up and bust out a dance move like Elvis. These moments are the ones that as a society we seem to only have a few of throughout our whole lives.


With a little help from your favorite search engine, you can see that stress levels are on the rise, tensions are flaring between countries, major lines in the sand drawn between political parties, and so on. We have evolved into a society that spewing hate, and division is the new market. Also making someone else look stupid, or lesser than others is the new in fad.

Then we have work. Over the past half-century, we have become a world of human machines. We get up every morning and for the majority go to a job that they hate. Why…why would you work a job you hate?

As a whole, we have put so much importance on our life to be financially successful. You turn on the television and you see commercials, movies, sitcoms, sporting events, and reality shows. They are constantly reminding us of what we don’t have, they are constantly molding us to think that we need more, and more. Then we decide we have had enough of that then we turn to social media for our entertainment. So as you are strolling through your feed you then get ads giving you more insight into what you need to purchase or how you need to make more money. Ad after ad of how to make money fast, and images of what is defined as success.

What influences your Elysium

We are constantly influenced on what happiness is supposed to be, and how to achieve it. That we have gotten to the point that if we sit back and examine our lives most will find that we are not truly happy. We are so busy absorbing these ads but there is just one thing missing with all the ads. YOU!!, and of course the true direct path to happiness. We see video after video and ad after ad on jobs, trips, and lifestyle that define to us what happiness is.

YOU need to step back and define YOUR OWN#trueelysium. For most people, this Elysium is sitting right in front of us, but we are too blinded to see it due to the fact that everything else is telling us that there is a different key to happiness. For most this #trueelysium is surrounding us daily with family, friends, and work we just get to caught up in trying to keep up with “the Jones’s”. Let the Jones’s be the Jones’s and you be you.

You ask…so if it is so easy to find this true happiness then why is everyone not doing it. Well pretty simple nobody else is doing it because it is not what we see in our media sources.


Easy sign up for our guide for $19.99. and we will send you our introduc….okay okay just joking. Don’t send money. Just take action. Take time and find what makes YOU happy. What put’s a smile on your face. What gives you the feeling to do the Carlton Dance. However, we have to understand what makes us happy before we can spread happiness. Happiness and laughter are both very contagious. More contagious than any virus floating around out there. Have you ever walked into a room full of laughter and it not at least put a smile on your face. I think not. Why because happiness is contagious. All moods are.

Find YOUR #trueelysium

What makes you do the Carlton Dance. #trueelysium

This doesn’t mean quit your job and move somewhere and abandon all responsibilities. Just look around. We have #trueelysium moments every day we just have to take the time to see them.

Not just for the rich and famous!

This life of Elysium is not only for the rich….as a matter of fact, most of them are also still searching for it.

This life of Elysium is for everyone. We need to start living OUR lives finding OUR happiness.

So join us on our journey and allow us to be a part of yours. As you go through your day and you have those small Elysium moments please take a moment take some photo’s and share it with #trueelysium. We would love to see #trueelysium everywhere we turn because life has so much more to offer us than the 9-5 grind all day. Life has more to offer than arguing over a political point. Life is to be lived not endured. So start living your life and help us spread the most amazing virus of Elysium across the world.

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