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Diamante Valley Costa Rica is located in the Puntarenas Province and is home to spectacular views and lush landscape Costa Rica’s second tallest waterfall the Diamante waterfall. This Valley is nestled between the Talamanca mountains and the Pacific beaches of Dominical. Starting in Tinamaste and extending all the way to Dominical this Valley shows off its beautiful waterfalls and amazingly abundant biodiversity. Whether you are looking for a Costa Rica Adventures or just a peaceful afternoon drive, Diamante Valley is the place to go.

Before you head off into the Valley here are a few tips that may help. On average the temperature is about 68°F. However, at night it can get down to 59°F. Always be prepared and pack extra moisture wicking socks, wet feet can make for a painful day of exploring. If you have a waterproof camera bag bring, if not buy one you won’t regret it!

Diamante Waterfall

If you enjoy hiking and finding amazing waterfalls then you will love this Costa Rica Adventure! Located in the deep rainforest inside Diamante Valley there are several waterfalls. Way too many to see in one day. Diamante Valley Costa Rica offers species of plants, animals, and insects. With the perfect guide, you will get to learn the plants along your path.

The Diamante waterfall is located in the village of Las Tumbas. The landscape offers rolling mountains and open valleys which are mostly covered in clouds. Once you are in Las Tumbas you can take the steep path up the mountain until you arrive at two twin waterfalls. These waterfalls offer spectacular views and some of the best repelling around the area.

Costa Rica Adventures, Diamante Valley

One of the favorite Costa Rica Adventures is in a cave where you can spend the night. You can also hike up to the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica. Looking for a little more adventure in Costa Rica, here you will find guided tours available to you. These tours offer you the ability to sleep in the cave and hike the amazing waterfalls. The cave offers picnic tables and platform beds for your sleeping bag. There is even an outdoor kitchen and a restroom available.

If staying in the caves seems like a great adventure to you then you probably already know how to pack yourself an overnight pack. Let me give a few suggestions though just in case. Make sure you have a set of clothes to switch into once your day is over. Keep them in a waterproof bag so as to avoid getting them wet. You may want to bring a flint strike or carry matches in a waterproof compartment as well. Most people like a lightweight sleeping bag, however, make sure it is quick wicking so it won’t hold in moisture.

Diamante Valley Lodging

The Diamante Valley Solution Center (now known as the Catalyst Network) is well known for Costa Rica eco tours. Within this amazing Valley, the Catalyst Network is co-creating an ecologically harmonious world by hosting wellness and educational events. Hence developing local sharing economies, supporting organic food systems and systemically empowering all organizations involved in building a regenerative society.

Diamante Valley is an ideal location to host your next event or retreat. The Catalyst Network is designed to help you jump start and keep your retreat or event trending and fresh. Lodging options consist of private and shared cabins with large screened windows and camping zones near the river, natural pools and food forest. With a professional chef mastering the vegetarian arts of cooking they can also accommodate all main courses for food as well.

Another great place to find lodging in Diamante Valley Costa Rica is from Fina de Vida.

If you are looking for a night, weekend or entire month get away this is a great option. Fina de Vida has a wide variety of private cabins to pick from with all you can eat Fruits and veggies. They have spectacular views of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Here you can enjoy the walking trails through the rainforest and when finished you can come back for a nice spa or massage treatment. Yoga classes are also available as well as swimming and rejuvenating pools. Fina de Vida also offers eco tours in the Diamante Valley. While they are not located next to Diamante Waterfalls they do however have their own collection of Costa Rica waterfalls. They have a few different waterfalls such as the Nauyaca waterfall, Jewel of the Sun and Peace Falls.

Have you been to Diamante Valley before? Do you know of other must-see locations we might have missed? If so please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to feature your place here.


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