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Puntarenas Province Job Market

Do you find yourself asking, “What type of Job Market is available in the Puntarenas Province” while you have been shopping for Costa Rica Real Estate? Well, when it comes to the Job Market of Puntarenas Province we have some answers for you. Many expats come to live the life of retirement here in Costa Rica once they have decided on their dream Costa Rica Home. While others find themselves looking at the job market opportunities.

Locals will find a much easier time with job market opportunities as there are many towns and cities within the Puntarenas Province. There are job market website search companies such as Costa Rica job search and Learn4Good that highlight all types of work available in Costa Rica.

What type of jobs are possible?

The job market in Puntarenas Province is very diverse although it is structured more toward the tourism market. If you are a Local looking for new opportunities or an expat with a work visa you should have no troubles finding a job in this region. There are many style businesses ranging from Resturants, hotels, car washes, retail stores, Doctor offices, the list goes on. You could even find yourself with a tour guide business ranging from night trails, waterfall hikes, fishing excursions, or scuba diving. Again the possibilities are extensive. There are even jobs available in the construction industry.

The Institute of Pacific Ports in Costa Rica (INCOP), according to the Costa Rica Star, confirmed they received a proposal from the Costa Rican consortium CEPP Consultants to license the port of Quepos to transform it into a destination port for cruise ships. This is a $50 million dollar investment. It would bring cruise ships that can carry 2000 to 3000 tourists who would invest in tours, restaurants, and other businesses within Quepos and the surrounding areas.

Now that you have a few resources to help you on your search let us get down to brass tax on the legalities.

Work permit

In order to legally be in the Job Market field, one must have a permit. When the employer can prove that the required expertise is not available by a local. The work permit can then be issued to a foreigner who is able to justify to the immigration department that their skill set and qualifications are required in Costa Rica.

Restricted Condition

This type of Job Market actually offers many a more flexible stature. You can be self-employed but cannot be employed by a third party. Hence, there are many types of freelance work in this area. Some being a writer, artist, web designer, working in hospitality the list goes on. The purpose of a restricted condition is to prevent foreigners from taking a job from a local.  

Investor Category

This is a more tight niche restricted Job Market Category. According to Outlier Legal. A significant number of people come to Costa Rica and purchase a hotel and or restaurant. It is possible to obtain residency under such circumstances. Provided, however, that you invest at least $200,000 in that venture.

Even though you can obtain residency if you meet these requirements it does not mean you can work in your own business. You cannot draw a salary and you can not do certain jobs. You must have a legal structure for your business such as a corporation or limited liability company.  With this structure, your business can receive dividends.


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