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Crime rates for Puntarenas

When looking at moving and purchasing your amazing piece of Costa Rica Real Estate safety and crime rates are among the top asked questions. Many times people purchase their Costa Rica Home based solely on this. Here at Elysium, we want you to feel as informed as possible before making your decision. Costa Rica is a place of Pura Vida life but as goes with any location crime is an unfortunate event that does take place.

In the latest report from OSAC, it states when it comes to crime rates in Costa Rica theft is very common in highly populated and touristic areas. Particularly when it comes to personal belongings that are not watched closely.  The most common types of theft involve belongings left in cars, home robberies, pickpocketing, muggings, and purse/wallet snatching.

Organized crime

Puntarenas has one of the lower crime rates in Costa Rica, however, there are some cities that do become highlighted when researching this topic. According to the Costa Rica Star, one of the main areas being affected by crime in the Puntarenas Province is at its center. These areas include Barranca and El Roble. These areas hold a social-economic problem due to lack of employment opportunities and low attendance level of schooling.

Tourist zones

The crime rate among tourist areas can be deemed as high when it comes to petty theft. Pick pocketing and purse snatching are common crimes. Muggings have been reported in urban areas, especially at night. People are often targeted if they are seen walking alone at night.

Public Transportation

Crime rates in Puntarenas province at times are no stranger to bus stops, illegal taxis, and the occasional “do-gooder”. Make sure you book a taxi from your hotel, restaurant when possible as there have been reports of travelers being robbed by taxi drivers. In higher tourist areas you will be able to find English speaking drivers if that is what you need. Only take taxis that are red with a yellow triangle on the door. When possible practice safety precautions and take a picture of the triangle on the door as well as the license plate so you can send it to someone not traveling with you.

Public bus transportation can be somewhat unreliable, yet relatively safe. Do not fall asleep at a bus terminal expecting someone to wake you once your bus has arrived. You make wake up alone and with all your belongings missing. Do not trust anyone to watch your belongings for you either as this may end with the same result.

Natural Disasters

Not many people think of a natural Disaster when they look into Crime rates of an area. However, we at Elysium think it is important to keep this in mind. Natural disasters such as landslides and flooding can happen during the rainy season when there have been heavy rains. Stay safe and alert when taking long trips across the country during this time. Always nowhere you are going and do not travel at night as some roads are not visible at that time.


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