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Highlights Puntarenas Province

Costa Rica Real Estate offers many exciting adventures. When trying to choose the perfect Costa Rican Home the adventures that are available nearby makes the biggest difference when it comes to putting together a budget for living there. Well, there are many highlights of Puntarenas Province from hiking trails to beaches and shopping to the nightlife. Puntarenas Province has all the best highlights to offer. There are many places where you can get multiple activities all in one location. However, it can be hard to choose which area is right for you. With this list of the best-highlighted locations, we hope you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Puntarenas Highlights

Here you will find the Historical Marine Museum which tells of the preservation of some of the traditions and religious celebrations of its people, who are of diverse geographical and cultural origins. You can also visit the Marino Del Pacifico Park. The park offers the opportunity to see creatures from the Pacific ocean such as Manta Rays, nurse sharks and many others.

Another well-known highlight is the Paseo De Los Turistas (Visitors Walk). This area is stretched along the main beach in Puntarenas City. Around the pier where the cruise ships dock there are many stands selling arts and crafts, snacks and flavored shaved ice otherwise known as Churchill’s.

At the tip of Puntarenas, you will also find the Puntarenas Ferry docks. Here you can go board the Ferry to either Paquera or Playa Naranjo over on the Nicoya Peninsula. Once you are on the Nicoya Peninsula you can drive or ride the bus to a number of popular beaches.

When trying to find the Puntarenas Ferry location on Google maps be aware that it is listed as the Naviera Tambor Ferry.  Make sure to bring your camera as you will see boats and fishermen maybe even some sea creatures!

Malpais and Santa Teresa Highlights

Malpais received its name due to the fact that all rivers and streams in this area dry up during the summer. Hence making it know as bad land to live on. Malpais, one of the well-known highlights of Puntarenas Province is a small village on the southeastern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Puntarenas Province. It started as a fishing and cattle-farming village but is now very popular among surfers and adventure seekers around the globe.

Voted “One of the most beautiful Beaches in the world” by Forbes Magazine its no wonder so many flocks to Malpais and the neighboring town of Santa Teresa. When at the beaches and in town you may see celebrities such as Mel Gibson or Gisele Bundchen. Many stars have come to this region in recent years building their dream escapes. Cabo Blanco is nearby offering a chance to see lush hillsides and many animals. While Cabo Blanco National Park is only 4 km away you cannot enter from Malpais side. In order to enter the National Park, you must drive around to the entrance located in a town called Cabuya.

Santa Teresa is becoming well known as a surf town. The town is filled with many hotels restaurants and bars as well as a supermarket. It is a little overcrowded and has dusty dirt main roads from December to April and muddy roads from May to November. From surfing, sunbathing and yoga there are many ways to relax during the day. Malpais and Santa Teresa come alive at night. There are many styles of food to enjoy, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Brazilian, Italian, Spanish and French, the options are endless. There are also a few well-known disco bars that offer up the option for a night of fun and dancing.

Jaco Highlights

The city of Jaco has been a special place for locals and tourists alike. It is the quickest destination for people from the Central Valley to reach the beach. Jaco received many visitors on the weekends to this once undeveloped paradise. However, in the early ’90s package tours came available and expats started relocating to this area for retirement and opening up businesses.

Jaco is now a busy tourist location offering up several types of entertainment. If you are looking to surf they have it, can’t surf no problem lessons are available. Want to rent an ATV and take a tour down the beach they have that too! Another popular highlight for Jaco is the Casino hotel that offers up fine dining, pools, and shopping. Food options are very diverse from fresh Sushi to Pizza, Jaco has it all.

Quepos and Manuel Antonio Highlights

Quepos is a well-known tourist town filled with many restaurants and bars giving it a bustling nightlife. One of the main reasons Quepos has grown and become so popular is that it holds the entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park. There are many highlights for Quepos such as the Marina Pez Vela. This Marina is one of the biggest in all of Central America. The best time to enjoy the Marina is late afternoon for a little shopping followed by dinner with a beautiful sunset view.

In Quepos, you can do almost any activity from Zip lining, canoeing in the ocean, horseback rides, whitewater rafting, and more. One of the best highlights if you love fishing is the fish boat tours. With Quepos being a traditional fishing town, many people come to sports fish. You can get a Captain to take you out for a day of fishing for Sailfish and Roosterfish. Here the possibilities are endless. Once you have gotten your fill of Quepos just hop over the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Inside Manuel Antonio National Park there are different tours you can take, including a jet ski tour. You can also venture on your own just make sure to stay on the paths. There are no food stands inside the park so make sure to pack some snacks or even a lunch! There are trails to the waterfalls, an animal sanctuary and lots of animal species spotting to be done within the park. On the beach, you will find white sand and beautiful blue water. You may even spot whales and dolphins out at sea.

Montezuma Highlights

Montezuma can be found at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Puntarenas Province. Known for its white sand beaches and tranquil waters you can forget surfing. However, Montezuma is the perfect place for snorkeling, swimming, hiking and just relaxing. Montezuma’s waterfalls are one of the main highlights of this area.

A 45-minute hike through the jungle leads to the Montezuma Falls which is a set of three waterfalls. Another favorite adventure is the boat tours that will take you to Isla Tortuga. With the turquoise waters and the white sand beaches, it is no wonder so many people enjoy this special place. Here you will find yourself surrounded by many activities such as Jet skiing, banana boat rides, paddle boarding, snorkeling and more!

Uvita Highlights

When someone mentions Uvita one can not help but think Whales Tail. Even looking at it on the map you can see the shape of a Whales Tail. However, if you have never been to Uvita this is a definite must see. The actual town of Uvita will be missed if you blink while driving down the highway. It is home to a grocery store, a few great restaurants, and bank on the main highway Costanera Sur (highway 34).

Looking toward the coast you can take a few side roads that will lead you to the ocean. You will find a few better worth visiting restaurants as you get closer to the coast. Marino Ballena National Park is the main entrance to the whales tail. Currently, the park hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day, holiday hours may vary.

There is an entry fee of $6.00 for foreigners and $2.00 for locals or residents. Your ticket will give you same day access to Playa Uvita, Playa Colonia, Playa Ballena, and Playa Pinuela so don’t lose it! These beaches allow for many activities. Snorkeling (without fins) unless it is low tide, surfing and of course dolphin and whale watching. You can do some serious bird watching if that is your type of adventure. Walking to the very end of whales tail is allowed and available during low tide.

Puerto Jimenez Highlights

Puerto Jimenez can be found at the opening of the Gulf of Dulce, in the southern Pacific coastline of Puntarenas Province Costa Rica. In Puerto Jimenez, there are a few favorite things to do. You can visit the Corcovado National Park, it is known as the most biodiverse place on earth.  Kayaking is a local favorite also. You can take guided kayak tours and explore the gulf. From December to April and July to November you can take guided tours for the fabulous Whale watching seasons. The gulf provides protection for whales to give birth to their young. It is also a place where many people spot dolphins.


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