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Costa Rica Real Estate

Brought to you by Elysium Costa Rica!

Elysium understands Costa Rica Real Estate and the concerns that come with moving. Especially those of you moving abroad. Every move has its own challenges! No matter if it is twenty miles down the street or one thousand miles across the world they are all different. According to author MEI MEI in her article, she states that there are:

17 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To A New City

    1. Can I afford it?
      Elysium Costa Rica Real Estate

      Amazing Costa Rica Homes for sale or for rent.

    1. Do I know anyone that lives where I’m going?
    1. What are the good/bad neighborhoods?
    1. What’s the cost of living there?
    1. What’s the job market like?
    1. What is the cost to register my vehicle?
    1. How do the school systems operate?
    1. Are the gas prices affordable?
    1. How long do I want to stay there?
    1. Do I really need this where I’m going?
    1. What is here that I’m going to need out there?
    1. When should I leave?
    1. Am I losing anything if I leave?
    1. What am I gaining if I leave?
    1. What is my goal for moving out there?
    1. What’s my back-up plan?
  1. Furthermore Is this the right move?

We at Elysium cannot agree with her more. Plan to get to know us very well while we spend time together trying to help you make the right choice. So relax we got this!!
Elysium knows without a doubt you are going to spend a lot of time researching to make your decision! For that reason let me formally introduce ourselves! As you know our name is Elysium Costa Rica! Elysium…that’s kind of a funny name, isn’t it! Well Fun Fact: Some may not know what our name means. Some of you I know right off the bat are thinking of the movie Elysium. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Elysium is “a state of great happiness“! What better name for a directory of Costa Rica. Understand we are not paid by commissions so we really just want to make your move as much of an Elysium that we can.

Your Guide to Costa Rica

We hope that our site can serve as your overall comprehensive guide to moving to Costa Rica. Elysium is here to help guide you through all of the procedures for purchasing real estate in Costa Rica. Elysium tries to keep strictly to the facts on a move to purchase Costa Rica Property or even Renting a home in Costa Rica. We do our best to keep out opinions and or/assumptions! We all know what assumptions do.


Expats, we want you to understand you are moving somewhere new. Understand that now, you live in someone else’s country. Some of you are saying…I plan to live there forever! At the same time, we must understand the system as a whole is different. Furthermore, those that do plan to make this their forever home! Elysium can help guide you with that. What we are trying to say is some of the data that we may be able to gain from the internet in some countries is not available in others. We do have to rely on local sources which sometimes are skewed with an opinion. I am sure you understand that with all the news outlets these days who can get the facts right anyhow!

Let’s talk about Real Estate in Costa Rica.


I’m done talking about Costa Rica Real Estate and just want to see the real estate!

If you didn’t leave we have a question! Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Believe it or not, I know people that have purchased property in Costa Rica and have never seen it. True story. Finding property for sale in Costa Rica is not going to be a challenge! You arrive at Costa Rica on Vacation you will find SE VENDE signs everywhere. It can be misleading but most of the time that means that you can either buy or rent that property in Costa Rica. Another great thing is sometimes you can walk right up to the owner of that property and he will sell it to you. The rest of the story is where the story starts to get cloudy. Pura Vida is the mindset, but a lot of times confusion gets in the way! So we advise that you do your due diligence before you purchase property in Costa Rica.

Investment Property

As can be seen at Business Insider Investment Property in Costa Rica is ranked 3rd in the World.
So as you can see many people move to Costa Rica for business purposes and/or new opportunities. There are always Businesses for sale in Costa Rica.

Invest in Real Estate in Costa Rica

Real Estate Investing

If you are looking to buy a restaurant, bar, or even a resort Costa Rica has it all. Operating a business in Costa Rica has its own different set of challenges. So make sure you get all the in’s and outs! We would not want your Elysium to turn into Hades.

Ready For Pura Vida Life

Then there are those who are done, ready for a life of retirement! So you have decided it is time to bury that old life of work and stress, ready for that Pura Vida life. International Living states that Costa Rica is the number one place in the world to retire in 2018. With that in mind, Costa Rica would be your perfect place for retirement. As long as you cover all of your bases.

The multiple micro-climates in Costa Rica and amazing views make it a Pura Vida life. You have Beach Front Property stretching the coastlines. You have a beautiful tropical vibe and cooler climate. This is what makes Costa Rica Real Estate so amazing. So we encourage everyone to travel throughout Costa Rica as much as you can before you decide on your forever home.

You Can Have it all!

Beach Property in Costa Rica!

Caribbean Coastlines

If Beach Property in Costa Rica is what you desire there are plenty to find. You have beaches like Cocles, Manzanillo, Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva along the Southern Caribbean coast.

Cost Rica Sunset

Beautiful Sunset Cost Rica

The Caribbean Coast has many things to offer when it comes to Costa Rica Real Estate. It is well known for its white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise water. Making this an ideal place for sports fishing, snorkeling in the protected reefs, swimming and sun. This coastline stretches roughly 212 km along the Caribbean sea offering many opportunities for someone looking to buy or invest in Costa Rica Real Estate. If you are looking for a less touristic coast at a slower pace then this just might be the coast for you. There are several beach towns and villages peppered along the coastline.

Tortuguero is in the North of the coastline. It is located next to the Tortuguero National Park which is part of the “Tortuguero Conservation Area”. The Port City of Limon is more centrally located on the coastline. It is the most populated town of the Caribbean Coast. Further south is the well-known village of Cahuita which is home to the protected reefs. The Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is the furthest south on the Caribbean Costa Rica coastline and is a must see. When it comes to Costa Rica Real Estate there are other notable towns on the Caribbean Coastline. Giving you plenty of options for slower pace living.

Central Pacific Coastline

The Northern portion of the Puntarenas Province houses the Central Pacific Coastline. The Central Pacific Coastline has Jaco Beach Property for sale, as well as you can even rent a condo on the beach. Jaco has a vibe of its own as do all the beaches in Costa Rica. Lots of good surfing and fun things to do in Jaco, furthermore it puts you in a good location to get to San Jose which is only 1.5 hours away. Quepos is only, 1 hour away. Then 2.5 hours from Liberia. Therefore this makes Jaco one of the top areas for people to start looking for property for sale in Costa Rica.

Southern Pacific Coast

The Southern portion of the Puntarenas Province houses the Southern Pacific Coastline. Most all of the Southern Pacific Coast gives you some very amazing beaches as well. With beach views in Dominical, Uvita, Coronado, Sierpe, Mata Palo, Golfito, Pavones, and many more. If being close to the beach is a much then the Southern Pacific Coast in Costa Rica has plenty of options for you.

Northwest Pacific Coast

The Guanacaste Coast also the Northwest Pacific Coast is peppered with beaches such as Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach) or even Playa del Coco, Playa Ocotal, Tamarindo, and Flamingo Beach. Tamarindo Beach is a popular choice, as well as the Flamingo Beach area. Flamingo Beach has some of the best Marlin fishing if that is your interest as well.

Mountain Property in Costa Rica!

The Costa Rica Real Estate in the mountains boast of beautiful views as well as cooler climates! Costa Rica Real Estate in the Central Valley in places likes San Jose, Alajuela, Santa Ana, Monteverde, Atenas, La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano, Poas Volcano, as well as Escazu, Heredia, are great places if you need to be close to the San Jose area.
Costa Rica Real Estate in Cartago boast to have some of the coolest temperatures for mountain property in Costa Rica. Then you have San Isidro de General with its farms and rolling mountainsides. San Isidro keeps you within 1.5 hours from Dominical Beaches. Therefore this area gives you the best of both worlds. Needless to say, you have plenty of areas to go to be able to get to the cooler climates of Costa Rica.
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